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Amos and Andy

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Amos and Andy


Old Time Radio Programs.
Amos and Andy. Enough Said.


Reviewer: Mr. Al - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - December 3, 2015
Subject: Mr. Al
I started listening to Amos and Andy when I was very young. At first they came on past my bedtime, so I grabbed the radio, (rather large), hid under the covers and listened.

My Mom would sometimes come in and tell me to go to sleep.

Although I always loved the radio, A & A went off the air, life churned away, and I didn't think much of it till PCs showed up, making access available for much of OTR.

So 15 +- years ago I started again, to listen to the old radio programs. Once again, hands down, Amos and Andy is still my all time favorite!

So....due to the influence of "these racist shows" (sarcasm), I find it kinda odd that since I grew up with all manner of people, went to war with these same people, lived the rest of my life interacting with these people, that I am not a supreme racist. Did I listen just for the enjoyment? Could it be that I missed all the dastardly racism?

As another reviewer alluded to; that the people yelling how offensive and racist these programs are, usually do it because of what is in their warped mind.

I have found this to be almost always true in many of life's situations. The people that find, in this case the evil racist goings on of this program, see things that they would do / would think, and project these thoughts / actions on others.

I can suggest that these "know what is best for me" people do some research into other old time radio programs.

Many, many of these shows made us laugh / cry because of the good natured fun of diff. nationalities.

No politically correct crap. Just human stuff.

Jews, Italian, polish, and on and on, were all made fun of. We were able to make fun of ourselves! No offense intended or taken!

And guess what? There are a lot of programs that mentioned God as well as other religious things. Oh the horror!

Now I see that I must be a conundrum. All these influences pounding into my young brain and I didn't
turn out to be a real hater.

I do appreciate the work people on preserving Old Time Radio.
Reviewer: soonerira - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - October 9, 2015
Subject: Best radio drama comedy.
Such a crazy collection of characters and personalities. The PC insanity has deprived some from experiencing the most popular radio show of all time. There were many black actors that had great careers thanks to this show. It was never intended to demean people based on their color. Amos was a man of great character, wisdom and just a great guy, most of the other characters were that, characters. It's mostly white folks that think they should be offended so they act offended. The same ones that watch the nutty professor, tyler perry's Madea, etc.
Reviewer: SmokyValleyRomeo - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - August 28, 2015
Subject: American history
Check out # 53 - "Mister 1943" with Edward G. Robinson.
No guest star ever had as dramatic or significant role in OTR.
On New Year's Eve, Andy, upset with the way the whole past year has gone, falls prey to Kingfish's scheme to rent him a tuxedo for a party. He falls asleep, but presently has an unexpected visitor. What follows is a stirring duologue and eventual message of hope that resonates even today.
A mid-WWII time capsule, including the final address & ads.
Just one of many brilliantly conceived, written & performed A&A episodes. No wonder America loved this show!!
With Raymond Scott & his orchestra, no less!!
Reviewer: Merlin1961 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - August 2, 2015
Subject: Stereotyping? I don't think so.
I was raised in the south during the 60's and 70's and I can tell you without a doubt that these white actors nailed black dialect with uncanny accuracy. I spent years around poor blacks back then and I cannot tell the difference in the way they are portrayed by these actors and real blacks. It's not a stereotype if it's true. Even today if you visit most black neighborhoods, you will find the exact same dialect in use.
Reviewer: solos42 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 18, 2015
Subject: files are being deleted?
I was surprised the shows are being deleted, but, I was waiting for this to happen in this, "I know better than you, what is good for you" world. still can see some shows on youtube, if you have the ability, need to download them before they disappear. We should not rewrite history. we should respect all points of view and taste and not delete them from our world. I love Amos and Andy, as much as I loved the tv show the Jefferson's "moving on up" . We, in my generation use to have fun laughing at ourselves and each other, the laugh has been replaced with hate for one another, I'm glad I'm on my last leg and on my way out- pity those coming into this world of critics. I was surprised Amos and Andy were white, I learned on Wikipedia search, but not all the cast were white. I never think of race when I listen to god humor ribbing of yester year, I just enjoy the laughs. Please return a part of our history and renew the missing files, you are not God, let us chose what we wish to listen to, thanks.
Reviewer: Kingfisher29 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - March 14, 2015
Subject: Why are they not all here?
Why do the files say a certain length like 15 minutes but are only 7 minutes? You have no right to keep archived files away from the public! You people are not God you are run by the people! And I demand you release our files that belong to us!

Also to the trained brainwashed idiots claiming that Amos and Andy is offensive! You people are the most sick minded people in existence! I am sick of brainwashed idiots always trying to find or drag racism into everything! People that always drag racism out of everything, are just as bad if not worse than the KKK! And I am sick of it! Why don't you just put on your white sheets and admit you are racists! You will never have these shows destroyed! No matter how much hate you preach! And that is all you are is hate! Amos and Andy was a wonderful show loved by everyone during a time a relief like this was badly needed (prohibition)! And I am sure prohibition was started by some idiot hate monger like you race baiter's!
Reviewer: expose_them_all - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - March 29, 2014
Subject: Love the old Amos and Andy shows
I love the old Amos and Andy shows and sometimes will listen to them all day whilst I work. But, I only like the Amos and Andy shows with the White characters and not the black ones. I don't know if that's 'raaacist' or not and, really don't care!


Great upload - going to download them via torrent and hope most are ones I haven't listened to yet - THANKS up-loader!
Reviewer: notmrpeavy - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - February 16, 2014
Subject: Classic Comedy Endures
"Amos n Andy" has weathered the changing social climate because the comedic situations have portrayed situation comedy ingredients -- battle axe wife, scheming best friend, get-rich-quick schemes, and the ladies man -- that have been used in "The Honeymooners" to "The Flintstones" to "The Jeffersons." It's a non-issue that two white men portrayed the voices of Amos and Andy; if anything, the medium further demonstrated the power of radio to stir the imagination. I know it's in vogue in these "enlightened" days for some to decry the show as "racist" but there has never been an episode where any of the characters are talked down to or denigrated. The comedy is gentle and, as their longevity has proven, timeless and relatable. Fifty years from now, will any of our allegedly comic shows have any similar enduring appeal as that of "Amos n Andy"?
Reviewer: olddj1 - - August 28, 2013
Subject: Offensive then, appalling now.
The fact that these disgusting programs weren't melted down for ashtrays years ago is a real shame. Unsurprising that white people would try to claim these shows are harmless humor, not the most despicable stereotypes ever broadcast. There are plenty of archived programs with these attitudes, but no others that went on for decades playing racist drivel for laughs. As I joined my African American friends and marched for civil rights in the 60's, it never occurred to me these programs would have a following 50 years later. They are truly hurtful. We keep tapes of Hitler too but not for laughs. No stars for this.
Reviewer: qrper - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - June 4, 2012
Subject: Wonderful characters alive again
Thanks for posting so many of these great A&A programs. You may be interested in knowing that the theme music is from that composed for Griffith's "Birth of a Nation". The love theme for two of the major characters.
Reviewer: Max Reiner - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - June 3, 2012
Subject: A&A Sunday Night at Supper
No matter how busy our family was on the farm--and we sometimes worked seven days a week, especially at harvest time--we listened to Amos & Andy at suppertime. My dad was the most devoted fan. Their humor was outrageously funny. I'd much rather go back to the radio world of the late 40s through mid 50s than today's trite world of TV. Thanks Archive for great audio quality and preserving these great shows. Cheers!
Reviewer: foilbeany - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - January 12, 2012
Subject: Just clean fun...
I love all the old comedies. At work I often listen to either Burns/Allen, Jack Benny, Easy Aces, Fibber and Molly, and of course Amos n Andy. To me, funny is funny and in this day with all the PC crap, I find it interesting that I can get a good laugh from a script that contains nothing sleezy or cheap swearing, no F-bombs, no sexual inuendos. So, I'll trade this non PC stuff to today's supposedly funny crap that relies on what I call, "easy humor." This is good stuff. Just enjoy it and learn to laugh at ourselves...lighten up folks and enjoy.
Reviewer: urban hippie - favoritefavoritefavorite - July 11, 2010
Subject: Olde TymE!
Old classics...
Reviewer: XMinusOne - - July 11, 2010
Subject: Until Amos 'n' Andy came to television...
Until Amos 'n' Andy came to television, I don't believe anyone ever said that Freeman Gosden or Charles Correll were playing the parts of black men; it was assumed but never said. So it was in the minds of the audience. When Amos 'n' Andy came to television, the show starred, of course, black men and women, but I disagree that they played stereotypes anymore than actors on other television shows. If anything, for the most part, the actors played real people, some such as Amos were hard-working family men; others such as Lightning may have worked what some called menial jobs, but Lightning showed up for work daily and so did his wife. (And didn't we all know people with nicknames that sometimes didn't fit or overfit: Heavy guys nicknamed Chubby; flow guys nicknamed Flash; Four Eyes or Red - for the almost bald guy with with a few strands of red hair left)?) Of course there we neighbor hucksters such as The Kingfish (who, despite everything else, was elected by his peers in the lodge to be "the king fish" of the Mystic Knights of the Sea. And, the people were community/civic minded in their fraternal lodge. And further, people on the show were judges, lawyers (granted, not always the best lawyers, but then this was a neighborhood lawyer in a comedy, not a serious show about a highly educated people in a rich community or working in a top notch law firm). And, if you're going to criticize the people, Pascuali, in Life with Luigi, is as deserving of being called a politically incorrect role.

Sorry, I like Amos 'n' Andy, have no regrets or problems watching or listening to the show, and consider it no more politically incorrect than Damon Runyon Theater, Life with Luigi, The Great Gildersleeve, Lum and Abner, or The Cisco Kid. People played roles of real people, sometimes exaggerated but, in the case of Amos 'n' Andy, weren't picked on by others for being "black". If they were picked on (such as The Kingfish), it was because he was a real person out for himself.

Bottom line: Listen to the show; enjoy the script and the acting, and remember that the people portrayed are people of a different time and place, who probably weren't that much different than other people during those times and places.
Reviewer: AcworthAL - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 10, 2010
Subject: Amazing Amos and Andy!!
I know it's a bit taboo to like Amos N Andy (because it depiction of Black men played by white men) but for per laughs, timing, character development etc. it was one of the best radio comedies of the Golden Age. I think people loved the characters and related. The great part of radio was anyone doing a character voice well was a hit, it didn't matter who what they looked like. Red Skelton, Fanny Brice and Marion Jordon all voiced young children. What folks don't relize is that character voices (Like on "life with Luigi")were so extreme so people could identify easily with them. Maybe a few became "Stereo Typical" characters, but don't miss out on Amos n Andy for politcal reasons.
Reviewer: iamBart - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - March 17, 2009
Subject: Wow
Humor at its best! The television series was also pretty damn good. Blacks or Whites, this is just good comedy!!!
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